Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's late, I'm bored. Random rambling.

Hola mis amigos. So it' currently 12:45 in the night here and I'm not asleep because I've become nocturnal. I'm watching a new show on Bravo! called "NYC Prep" and my favorite so far is Jessie. She reminds me of myself in the way that she has tunnel vision on her dreams and she is really into fashion just like me! :) She also seems really sweet and, like me, she has a boy as a best friend. PC kinda seem like a jerk though.
My current fashion LOVE LOVE LOVE: Betsey Johnson.
Her style is crazy and different just like me :)
I'm really excited because before I know it Sweet 16s will be here and I can get all dressed up for parties which is exciting because I love getting dressed up.
Okay so my goal is to have my hair grow atleast two inches by the end of the summer.. do you think I can do it.
I LOVE juicystar07's hair(she's on youtube.)
That's another one of my favorite things to do actually. Watching tutorial videos on youtube.
My favorites are by s2pandapple(Michelle), fafinettex3(Aubrey), and juicystar07(Blair).
But, anyways, back to Betsey Johnson.. I've been saving my money forever just to buy something from her collection but I have so much trouble choosing :(
Yeah well i've been listening to i'm in peace by justin nozuka for days now haha. i love his music.
i love finding new tunes.. especially ones that nobody else knows so definitely hit me up :)
So anyways.. I'm going to Grand Rapids, Michigan with my mom next week. Why, you may ask? Well, she has to go up there for a couple of days for her job and there is AMAZING shopping around there so while she is at work in the day me and my sister, who is 17, are gonna check all that out.
I love shopping and traveling.
Also, I just wanted to clear one thing up. You may think that I shop alot or that I'm spoiled but I want you to know that I buy the majority of my stuff. I have a job currently at a local clothing boutique, and I'm really conscious with my money.
I'm looking at my nails right now and I LOVE THIS COLOR. If you follow me on twitter than you already know that I painted them this morning with ULTA brand's Mango color.
Btw, if you watch real housewives than you have to know who Andy Cohen is. He is the man who interviews the housewives at the reunions.. HE'S GAY! I mean not that I love him any less, but I would never had guessed..? woah.
Goddd I love New York City.
I have only been there once in my life but I swear I fell so fast.
The culture, the fashion, and the the weather.
I went in late August of last year for just the weekend and I swear it was the MOST beautiful weather EVVVEEERRRR!
I found this store when I was there last year that was called Gabrielle and I really want to go back!
Macys was AMAZING!
I unfortunately didn't get to go to Sac's Fifth Avenue but I never got the chance :( :(

Yeah well I'll stop now because I don't know if anyone will even had read through all of this because it is just a bunch of random rambling bahaha!

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