Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ULTA haul for June 24, 2009.

Hey y'all. Okay so as promised on Twitter, here is my June 24th, 2009 ULTA update. Most of the thing I bought were ULTA brand because I love ULTA brand. Once again hopefully reviews will be up soon. Enjoy:

-I didn't get this yesterday, it is actually my sister's but I love it! It's all ULTA brand cosmetics :) Unfortunately they don't sell it anymore though. :(

-I got 5 ULTA Brand Eyeshadows. - $7.00 each
(Top Row from Left to Right: Zephyr, Platinum, Calla Lily)
(Bottom Row from Left to Right: Lustre, Mink)
-ULTA's Nail Lacquer in Mango - $5.00
-Jaqua Pink Buttercream Frosting Exfoliating Body Polish - $8.23
Note: Smells AMAZING!
-I really want to try this look for y'all. I'll test it out today and if it goe good than I'll upload a tutorial! :)

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