Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just getting started :)

Hey there :) Okay so this blog update is just a short introduction about me. The point of this blog is going to be primarily my LOVE for makeup and hair. I will post tutorials on how to do makeup looks and hair look. Some will be based on celebrities, others just out of my creativity, and I'll also take requests. So thats the site.

Random facts you may want to know about me:

-I live in the Southern United States. (maybe I'll reveal where.)
-As well as my passion for beauty, I'm also a singer, piano player, and guitar player.
-Another passion of mine is FASHION..!
-I'm 15, almost 16. Sophomore in high school.
-I'm a cheerleader and I also play soccer.
-Oh yeah, my names Emma :)

My Youtube Account:
As of right now I'm not really into the whole filming videos for youtube thing because that is kinda cliche but maybe I'll give in for you:) There is an old Jessica Simpson tutorial on there that I made almost two years ago but randomly uploaded just a couple months ago so I apologize for the suckishness of it. Is that a word? haha.

Follow me on twitter @:

Or subscribe to my pointless(ha) youtube. My screename is youhavestlnmyheart.

Alright loves check back for upcoming hauls and reviews that will be coming in the next couple of days. And please bear with me as I am just getting started, Thanks y'all. :)

All yours,

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